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Project DiscoveryProject Discoveryis a video competition aimed at collating various innovative solutions that persons with disabilities across India use in their daily lives.

Participate by submitting a 2-minute video of a solution that has made your life easier.

Inviting solutions across all 21 categories of disability.

Last Date of Submission: 15 September 2022

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The meaning of the word ‘Solution’...

…is to find an alternative method of overcoming a challenge by working around the problem, in order to live a life of dignity and independence. It could be a product, workflow, or a unique way of doing something that enables a person to perform the task they normally would have difficulty in accomplishing.

Many of us use such simple yet innovative solutions in our day-to-day lives, sometimes without even realizing its importance. Persons with disabilities and their caregiver’s or family members are no exemption to this. However, such solutions mostly remain undocumented.

Project Discovery is a platform aimed at collating different solutions in the form of short videos and making them available to ALL.

Last Date of Submission: 15 September 2022

Submit Your Solution

Prizes up to ₹ 5 Lakh to be won.

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Categories of Solution Related Videos

Daily-Living solutions

A solution or technology used for everyday activity. Example - An electric toothbrush instead of normal toothbrush, or any solution to overcome architectural barriers, or individual leisure time activities.

Workplace solutions

Solutions you use to include yourself in any areas of getting employment, creating livelihood or being an entrepreneur.

Social Inclusion solutions

Solutions for inclusion in social activities like commuting solutions, sports or any outdoor activities and social events.

Education & Training solution

A solution you use to get formal education , learning a new skill, Vocational training , early intervention and rehabilitation.

Video Submission Guidelines

Submit your Video by:

  1. Fill the form after clicking on “Submit your solution” button above.
  2. Email the video to eilabs@enableindia.org
  3. Whatsapp us your video to +91 9742872509.

While sharing the videos please mention:

  1. Your name
  2. Disability
  3. Contact number and alternate contact number
  4. Email Id
  5. City/village/district where you stay.

Some points to consider while shooting the video:

  1. Shoot the video in landscape/horizontal mode to get a wider shot.
  2. Start with a short description of the problem you are facing.
  3. In the video, wherever you feel the need to explain the solution, feel free to speak.
  4. The video must be centered on the person with the disability demonstrating the solution.
  5. Always shoot focusing on the disabled person, avoid showing their back.
  6. Make sure that the video is shot with adequate lighting, minimum background noise and with sufficient clarity.
  7. For any guidance in shooting the video, Email to eilabs@enableindia.org or WhatsApp at +919742872509.

Videos for reference on how to shoot:


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